The Wendigo Harvey is the fifth restriction block demon Harvey takes the form of.


The Wendigo is shaped like a shaggy blue furred rabbit with red eyes and horns on his head with pincers where his mouth is at. He also has fingers on his hands. Oddly, when his fur sheds, he is light blue and thin while having a mouth with rabbit teeth.


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The wendigo is described by the shaman to be very stubborn. When Lilli arrives to where the gold miner's mine was located at, the Wendigo is seen lounging on a beach chair drinking lemonade. He tells Lilli that he knows what she plans to do, then talks her out of trying to enter the dangerous cavern. He gets stubborn and annoyed when Lilli tries to use deodorant on himself, informing her about the dangerous chemicals that could cause an ozone hole. When an ozone hole is made, he quickly makes use of his sunscreen, though Lilli switches out the sunscreen for the hair removal, unknown to him. After he sheds and loses his fur, which shows that he is skinny and does have a mouth under the fur, the wendigo is disintegrated by the harmful sun's rays, turning him to dust.

Later, he is shown at the final battle fighting alongside the other demons Lilli had confronted before, except he is Mother Superior's restrictions. As the fight commences, he and the other demons die with Mother Superior learning the hard way that Lilli COULD do whatever she wants to do.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Preventing from Going to Dangerous Places
  • Stench