Suka and Shy are characters in Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes and students of the convent school. They are portrayed as Japanese girls with their dialogue, and are obsessed with "Shibuya Power".

Suka and shy

Plot Edit

Suka and Shy are first seen in the convert dorm and rave about "Shibuya Power". When asked about her hairpin, Suka will brag about it and states that a Shibuya girl will never part with her hairpin unless in an emergency which may lead to death. Later in the game when Lilli obtains an atomic bomb from the flowerbeds, the bomb will be shown to Suka leading her to panic. As a result, Lilli will now have Suka's hairpin which is needed to unscrew the masks.

Shy remains in the dorm. Later on, Lilli will pass a love letter to her from Capu. She then appears in the convent hallway with him blushing which implies that they are now romantically together. However, they get crushed by a gargoyle statue when Lilli gets rid of the firecrackers on it, leading to their deaths.

Suka plays on the swing on the tree over the cliff. Lilli will use the chainsaw to saw away the marking of her and Edna's friendship, the tree eventually falls over and Suka dies.

Appearance Edit

Shy has long pink hair tied into 2 ponytails with many hairbands, she wears clothes that are similar to Lilli's; a white blouse, gray pleated skirt and short socks with gray shoes.

Suka is shown to have a 'cooler' appearance with short green hair that is styled, accompanied with a Marashu Nyoke hairpin that is later obtained by Lilli when she is shown an atomic bomb. She wears a white blouse with a vest and tie, gray pleated skirt and short socks with gray shoes.

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