The Snowman Harvey is the first restriction block demon Harvey takes the form of.


He is a blue colored snowman holding a carrot with black coal for eyes and three on his chest to belly. He wears a black cylinder top hat with antlers shaped like rabbit/deer ears.


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The snowman appears when Lilli hypnotizes herself for the first time. When encountered, he tells Lilli about fire being bad, though it is left vague on why it was bad. Then, Lilli tried to take his hat off, though he stops her from removing it. It is only when his hat is set on fire that he tells Lilli to remove it. He then tries to reason that it shouldn't be meddled with ever again. It takes Lilli melting the snowman with the fired hat to kill him.

Later, he is shown at the final battle fighting alongside the other demons Lilli had confronted before, except he is Mother Superior's restrictions. As the fight commences, he and the other demons die with Mother Superior learning the hard way that Lilli COULD do whatever she wants to do.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Prevents Using Fire