Race Human
Gender Male
Mental Status Unstable
Status Alive
Age 40
style="background-color: purple; color:#000" "" align="center" colspan="2"|Voice Actors
German voice Timo Riegelsberger
English Voice Nathan Russell
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Peter is a middle-aged man who appears in Edna and Harvey: The Breakout in Dr. Marcel's mental asylum. He also appeared in Harvey's New Eyes playing a role playing game with other inmates as 'Snippo', the jester.


Peter is shown as a a man of average height, and shows a normally depressed face. Peter has light gray hair and wears plain clothing.


Peter has a bipolar disorder, which causes moods swings. When he was shown, Peter was in an extremely depressed state and spoke in a dull and indifferent tone. Other than that, Peter is only in the asylum to prevent the risk of suicide or self-injury. He also seems to be friends with Petra, who is another another asylum inmate.

In Harvey's New Eyes, Petra mentioned him only being able to see black, which could explain his depression. After saying this and comparing everyone else's color blindness he remarked "It's not the same."

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