Mother Superior Ignatz is one of the two main antagonists of the game Edna and Harvey: Harvey's new eyes, the other being Dr. Marcel. As the abbess of the convent school, she is absoluctely strict, denying the children almost every form of amusement. The Mother Superior seems to despise the main protagonist, Lilli, even more than the other children, making her do burdensome or useless chores (for example, making her rake the dead leaves, regardless of the wind that punctually blew them back).

Personality Edit

Mother Superior Ignatz is a loathsome, cruel, strict, bitter and authoritative woman, who believes in discipline above everything else; indeed, anyone or anything that goes against that so-called righteousness will inevitably make her furious. A direct example of this is her harsh treatment of Lilli, despite her obedient nature, because of her clumsy way to do her appointed chores; whenever she somehow fails to do them correctly (an occurrence that happens almost always), she will scold her in an exaggerated way. Her usual reaction when someone displeases her is to make convent rules even more strict, and in the end she even called called a renowned psychiatrist, doctor Marcel, to brainwash them into absolutely obedient children. She is also extremely prejudiced even against the most outstanding children, a thing that we can experience directly when she viciously scold Birgit when she made a hamster embroidery (an animal she despises very much) under incorrect instructions by Lilli. When Birgit tried to point out, rightfully, that Lilli misleaded her, the Mother Superior angrily forbade her to speak, believing she was contraddicting her. Curiously, after Birgit made the correct embroidery and then killed herself out of guilty, the Mother Superior praised her giving her a cake and a ribbon, seeming oblivious to the fact she was dead.

However, under her inflexible demeanor, she can get conflicted about her actions, as shown when, after having her cat fed up correctly by Lilli, she wondered if her treatment of the children was just too strict, asking to God a message of peace. Her strict nature is hinted as a consequence of an accident happened during childhood, when because of her youth innocence, she killed her pet tarantula piercing her forehead with a nail, in a childish attempt to make it look like a unicorn, the animal she really wished for.

When confronted by Lilli and freed of all her psychological blocks, she immediately broke down, crying, and admitted to Lilli that her treatment of her was too cruel, and begged for forgiveness. When Lilli gifted her the stuffed Harvey, she began to cuddle in an almost insane joy.