Lilli Harvey's New Eyes 1

Race Human
Gender Female
Age Unknown (possibly 8 to 12)
Hair Color Blond
Relatives None
Mental Status Unknown if Sane or Insane
Status Alive
German voice Sinikka Compart
English voice Lucia Citarelli

Lilli is the silent progatonist of Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes. She is a student at the convent and is potrayed as an extremely obedient child.

Lilli Harvey's New Eyes 2

Lilli, raking outside of school.

Appearance Edit

She has blonde hair separated into two low ponytails tied at the ends with a pink bow on top. She wears a white blouse with a collar and a grey pleated skirt with knee high socks and grey shoes.


Lilli is a very obedient child and is always eager to please Mother Superior. She doesn't speak, its not that she doesn't try but she is often interrupted. She is quite intelligent and a lateral thinker, considering all the odd ways she solves her problems.

Lilli sees the world through rose-colored lens and looks away from things she'd rather not see. She is also very neglectful and oblivious especially when it comes to others, caring only about her tasks. The gnomes and pink paint are her mind's way of protecting her from seeing all the horrible accidents she causes in her drive to do as she is told. When Lilli finally realizes what she has caused in the Valley of Unpleasant Memories in the role-playing dream, she is extremely frightened.

According to the narrator, she is also prone to violent thoughts and hears voices.

Plot Edit

To be added...

Trivia Edit

  • If you choose 'Contradict' 3 times in a row in the end of the game where you make your final choice affecting the ending, Lilli will finally speak out her mind and give a huge rant.