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Race Human
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Hair Color Green
Relatives Unknown
Mental Status Unstable
Status Unknown
German voice Martin Sabel
English voice Tom Zahner

The Key Master is a man in solitary confinement.


The Key Master in solitary confinement.


The Key Master has green hair and skin. He wears a frock similar to the one Edna wears.


The Key Master seems to be quite clever, seeing as he seems to knows quite alot about Edna and the asylum. He also can be quite a liar by crashing the car but telling them he knew how to drive it.


The Key Master is first seen in solitary confinement on the floor of Doctor Marcel's asylum. Having been there for a long time, he has had enough time to come up with a plan to escape and has Edna to execute his plan. He remains in his cell until Edna opens the door with the master key and even thgen, he will stay in the doorway until a getaway vehivle is found. As soon as Edna finds one and breaks it open, he will be inside the vehicle, where he will remain until he, Edna, Aluman and Hoti and Moti are ready to escape.

The Key Master is then next seen in the church after having killed the reverend. Whenever Edna makes some noises, he will shout at her to be quiet. Eventually, he is pushed off the railing he is sitting on by Edna. His lifeless body lies on the benches.

However, in the Harvey ending, it is mentioned the Key Master was never found, so there might be a possibility he survived the fall.