Hoti amd Moti Mugshot
Hoti and Moti

Both Human


Both Male

Hair Color

Blond (Hoti)
Brown (Moti)

Eye Color

Both Black

German Voice

Timo Riegelsberger (Hoti)
Jens Andresen (Moti)

English Voice

Matt Herman (Hoti)
Darrin Byrd (Moti)

Hoti and Moti are two patients at Dr. Marcel's asylum who believed they were conjoined twins, until Edna cut their sweater in half, revealing both of them were bound together by a sweater.


Edna And Harvey The Breakout2345

Hoti (blond) and Moti (dark skinned).

Hoti is a man with blond hair, while Moti has dark hair. They both wore a huge, green sweater. After having the sweater removed, they were shown to wear white tank tops and beige pants.

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