The Genie Harvey is the third restriction block demon in Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes which Harvey takes the form of.


The genie is shaped like a fat blue rabbit with light blue belly and red eyes. He wears a red turban with gold symbol, gold arm braces on his upper arms, and an earring on his right ear. It is unknown what his bottom half's like due to his bottom half shaped like a smoke cloud attached to the blue bottle.


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When Lilli makes herself sick, the doctor gives her a blue bottle, which tells her that she shouldn't touch it. Then, Lilli places the bottle on some ice, causing the genie himself to come out, shivering and sneezing. However, he was still stubborn about alcohol being used for medicine. It took Lilli making him sick as her to cause him to drink alcohol, get drunk & be delighted, and get himself drunken up by Lilli whom drinks down the genie in bottle.

Later, he is shown at the final battle fighting alongside the other demons Lilli had confronted before, except he is Mother Superior's restrictions. As the fight commences, he and the other demons die with Mother Superior learning the hard way that Lilli could do whatever she wants to do.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Preventing Drinking Alcohol