Freeman is a character in Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes and a male student at the convent. He is the first student that dies in the game.


Not much is known about Freeman due to how little he is seen in game. However, he is shown to be very mean to Lilli and makes fun of her for her obedience.

He blamed Lilli for causing him to fall down the well even though she was nowhere near him at the time (she even told him not to), which shows that he may have a tendency to blame others for his own mishap.

Plot Edit

Freeman is first seen in the backyard of the convent looking down a well. When asked by Lilli what he is doing, he reveals that the cellar key is down the well and he wants to get it.

Freeman falls into the well by accident and Lilli will use a rake to cause a beehive to fall down, causing him to have many bee bites and allergic reactions (he is allergic to bee stings). Lilli then uses the hose to pour water into the well and he is rescued.

When Lilli completes her task of exterminating the termites on the swing tree, Freeman gets eaten alive by termites as he was covered in honey. Lilli will now have the cellar key.