The Dragon Harvey is the sixth restriction block demon Harvey takes the form of.


The dragon is scaley blue with light blue belly, light blue spikes and sharp claws with sharp teeth. He also has horns on his head and two more on the front of his head.


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The dragon makes his appearance when Lilli enters the mind world for the 6th time. There, he mocks Lilli and talks about himself being strong while almost trying to snatch her with his paw. However, he gets tickled, causing his tail to move close to his paw. When he tries to catch Lilli again, though, his paw gets stuck with his dragon horn, causing him great pain while crying. Then, Lilli removes the thorn, but finds out too late that it caused his blood to come out of his body, killing him and laying him squished down.

Later, he is shown at the final battle fighting alongside the other demons Lilli had confronted before, except he is Mother Superior's restrictions. As the fight commences, he and the other demons die with Mother Superior learning the hard way that Lilli COULD do whatever she wants to do.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Prevents Using Sharp Objects
  • Sharp Claws