Dr. Marcel


Race Human
Gender Male
Age 51
Hair Color White
Relatives Alfred Marcel (Son; Deceased), Ruben Marcel (Son)
Mental Status Sane
Status Alive
German voice Thomas Fitschen
English voice Colin Solman
Dr. Marcel

Dr. Marcel, in Edna's now vacant, appalling home.

Dr. Horatio Marcel is the main antagonist of Edna & Harvey: The Breakout, as well as a character appearing in Harvey's New Eyes. SPOILER: You may either attack him and run away (which is the canon option) or accept the brainwashing and serve him at the ending of the game.


In the first game, he appears as an elderly with white hair, thick eyebrows and grayish skin; he also always carries a pipe with him. He wears a brown coat with a red scarf, green trousers, and brown shoes. In the second game, Dr. Marcel is confined to a wheelchair.


Little is known about his past, except that he had a son named Alfred, as well as founded an asylum. It seems he hasn't spent much time with Alfred, though it's unclear whether he was unable to take care of him. After his son was impulsively slain by Edna, her father was then killed after taking the blame for it. This may be the cause of his determination to brainwash Edna into a more obediant replacement of Alfred.In "Harvey's New Eyes" it is also hinted that Dr. Marcel has a second son, it is unknown if its true or false.