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Beeman is a patient of Dr. Marcel's mental institute.

Appearance Edit

Beeman wears a over-sized bee suit that exposes his arms, legs, neck and head. The back has two transparent wings and he wears two antennae on his head. His head is strangely shaped, he has large ears, small eyes, and no hair. He wears the bee suit because he lost a bet.

Personality Edit

Beeman is a very polite and sociable person. He loves art, and is embarrassed that he is allergic to hot drinks, like coffee, which causes himself to produce too much earwax, but he enjoys hot drinks. Some people describe him as "the saddest person in a bee suit they have ever seen".


Edna and Harvey: The BreakoutEdit

Beeman is in a large room, thinking of something to draw when Edna approaches him. They have a friendly discussion together, where Beeman speaks about his interests, ambitions, and the possible reason why he is in the asylum in the first place; the bee suit he is wearing apparently due to a lost bet. Edna, after learning he is allergic to hot drinks, gets him a cup of coffee so he can think of something to draw. After drinking the coffee, his cup fill up with earwax and it is taken away by Edna.

He is later seen eating at the cafeteria.

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