Alfred Marcel

Alfred, falling down the stairs.

Race Human
Gender Male
Age 8 (according to the newspaper clipping in Doctor Marcel's office)
Hair Color Brown
Relatives Horatio Marcel (Father), Ruben Marcel (Brother)
Mental Status Unknown
Status Deceased
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German voice Mike Nikitin
English Voice Andres Krump
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Alfred Marcel is the son of Dr. Marcel and died as a child. He was a nerd, which led to Edna to repeatedly bully him when they where kids. He also had private lessons from a teacher along with Edna.


Alfred was last seen with brown hair and healthy complexion; he also wore mainly a light blue T-shirt with dark-colored shorts, and light blue & white sneakers.


He is seen by Edna as always annoying and quite a tattle teller.


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Edna's father, Mattis, appeared to have spent more time with Alfred than Edna, which is possibly why Edna was picking on him. Since her envy of the duo reached its boiling point when he threatened to destroy Harvey, she pushed him down the stairs out of anger & fear. Since then, he was never seen on this earth again. This may also be why Dr. Marcel planned to erase her memories and make a more obediant personality of her in his place.

It was revealed in Harvey's New Eyes that Alfred had an older brother named Ruben. He revealed that their father used his therapy methods on them.